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Good Websites Not Optional: 60% of customers are less likely to make a purchase because of a bad experience.

5 years ago, 60% of small business owners didn’t have a website. The conversation was about getting a presence online. Then the conversation…
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Honest SEO Is Simple but Difficult | 5 Tips for Doing SEO Right

If you're a business owner you've gotten solicited at one point or another by a company guaranteeing you first place on Google. While…
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SSL Will Be The Standard in 2017 – Is your site ready?

SSL is making headlines over the past few months due to it's rise in availability and the emphasis major players like Google and…
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What Is Marketing? How to Clearly Explain at a Cocktail Party.

I was reminded of a excerpt from a book that I read some time ago, I've found the passage a few places on…
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