Positioning, Branding and Logo Development

Branding and logo development is more than a pretty picture, or some colors.It’s about positioning your business for success online and offline.

Smart Branding Development

Our branding programs start with you, your vision for your business and if established where you’ve been, as well as where you’re going.


We focus on simplifying branding and positioning to one page that can clearly define your brand. While more comprehensive brand guides are available – refining one’s branding to one page is an amazing exercise that reinforces your companies values, and can be easily shared.


For new companies, we start with naming and URL availability. One of the most important things a business will have to choose is their name. We can help you find the one that fits perfectly, and negotiate any URL purchases.


Logo concepts and development follow. All of our brands are founded in the values and vision of the companies, and visually reinforce the positioning of the company as a whole.

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    Company Naming

    A fresh name for a new or renewing business is exciting and challenging. We assess the market, industry and availability to find the perfect name.

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    Logo Development

    Our logos leverage clean and timeless design elements to build a brand for generations, not a short term fad.

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    Brand Positioning

    Brand guidelines and positioning help shape the impression your brand will bring, but more importantly the content. From color to tone of voice, our positioning strategies put companies on the optimal path for success.

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