Year 1 Down. Thank You Everyone

Think Bright Marketing reached a milestone in August – 1 year officially in business. The idea of turning the side hustle into a full time job was difficult to make, but one that has been amazing.

I cannot thank my clients, friends and family for helping me make it a success. To celebrate we’ve given our website some updates. Think of it like a version 2.0.

This past year has taught me a lot of things about running a business, balancing life and work, as well as the lesson to stop and enjoy the day. A phrase I’ve stated for years is “there’s one constant in the world, the sun will always rise tomorrow…” Over the past year, it’s helped be a reminder to leverage the stresses of life to motivate, but not suffocate the day.

I’ve been blessed this past year to work with people I genuinely like, and on projects that are both fun and challenging.¬†We’re proud to showcase much of the work that’s been done over the past year and thank everyone again for your support. Onward to year 2.


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